Ceramics, porcelain stoneware

Ceramics, porcelain stoneware

Our aim to ensure we always offer our clients the very best means we cannot overlook the importance of innovation and continuous developments in terms of materials. Porcelain stoneware has become a big part of this thanks to the introduction of large-format, low-thickness tiles, which have expanded our collections with their varied colours, effects and finishes.


The majority of our porcelain stoneware producers and suppliers are based in Italy, Germany and Spain and we select these partners based on strict criteria spanning quality, professionalism and environmental considerations. One of the stand-out brands on in display in our showroom is Atlas Concorde, the long-standing brand which has won plenty of plaudits for its vast range of classic and modern lines. We’re also particularly proud to be the only company in Ticino to stock three of the most prestigious brands in the sector:

Graniti Fiandre has a particular focus on the latest design trends and produces materials with innovative colours, shaping, dimensions (traditional formats right through to 300×150 cm tiles), structures and special finishes. Their marble-, granite-, stone-, resin- and wood-effect products are incredibly faithful to the natural materials they are inspired by.
The polishing techniques used make it possible to obtain surfaces with extraordinary finishes: shiny, semi-shiny, structured, natural, polished and most recently soft, which results in a surface that feels as delicate and soft to the touch as silk.

SapienStone is a relatively young brand whose primary focus is on kitchens and bathrooms, where it can show off its stunning product characteristics. The surface of the tiles (320×150 cm, 1.2 cm thickness) is virtually waterproof, which makes them resistant to staining. They are also extremely hygienic to the extent that they are safe to come into contact with food, as well as being resistant to scratching and highly resistant to impacts and extreme temperature changes.

Porcelaingres is the perfect brand for anyone looking for a youthful, contemporary style, as well as the ability to achieve stylish contrasts through some traditional and alternative combinations. The sheet metal, flamed and rusty effects have an industrial feel to them, while the cement-effect finish evokes images of an urban lifestyle. The appeal of wood is recreated faithfully and combined with the reliability of porcelain stoneware, while the stone-effect products underpin the strength and durability associated with stone with an understated, clean design approach.

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