Natural stone

For thousands of years, stone has been a key component in human existence. Just think of the imposing Egyptian pyramids, the medieval cathedrals and castles, the Great Wall of China, the Roman villas, the Greek temples and the terracing seen across the Mediterranean. These are just a few examples of the myriad uses for stone in construction. The strength, appeal and connection we feel with stone, marble, granite, gneiss, quartz, limestone and travertine have remained undimmed by the passing of time – and they have been become increasingly popular as a material used in tiling and coverings. We treat these materials – gifted to us by Mother Nature – with the greatest respect, trying to do justice to their stunning beauty and unique nature. At our workshop, our experienced, skilled marble workers and finishers process blocks and slabs of stone, turning them into products suitable for covering any surface or incorporating into any piece of furniture, in accordance with client requests. Whether it’s a covering, worktop, bathroom top, doorstep or windowsill, we can turn any customer request into a reality for both interiors and exteriors. The finishing process is a crucial part of personalising and elevating the surfaces. Depending on customer taste and intended use, these can be left rough, or given a flamed, brushed, shiny or semi-shiny finish.

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