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Our company philosophy has always been about striving to ensure customer satisfaction and continuing to evolve by investing in our people – who are of fundamental importance to us – and in maintaining and keeping our facilities and machinery up to date.

Having our own workshops means we can work independently and gives us flexibility in the way we cut our stone and large-format ceramic tiles. Our team of expert marble workers and finishers is underpinned by the latest numerical control machinery, including the fantastic high-pressure Waterjet cutting machine. A pump provides a continuous jet of high-pressure water, which the cutting head then transforms into a supersonic jet of water which can reach speeds of up to three times the speed of sound!

The Dynamic XD water-jet system is revolutionary because its 2D cutting function is joined by 3D functionality, offering the best levels of performance in terms of precision, speed and flexibility – levels that cannot be obtained by regular water-jet machinery. This technology allows us to create rounded edges and diagonal cuts up to 60°, as well as complex 3D sections.

The abrasive water-jet system ensures that there is no heat or contact applied to the material, leaving its original appearance and resistance intact. The highly thin cut also means that products can be joined with great accuracy.

In addition to natural and artificial stone, we are also able to ensure optimum cutting for the new generation of large-format, low-thickness ceramic tiles, which are becoming increasingly popular in the construction and furniture industries.

Individual customers and professionals such as architects, interior designers, cooks and craftspeople can now let their creativity and imagination run free, safe in the knowledge that anything that can be drawn can be cut with the Waterjet.

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